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AHS Staff 


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 Position  Email

Chris Stewart  Principal  chrisstewart@mcps.org
  Mike Stanley
 Assistant Principal  mstanley@mcps.org
  Paul Dominy  Athletic Director  pauldominy@mcps.org
  Becky Partin  Admin. Asst.  bpartin@mcps.org
  Sandra Keith
 Bookkeeper  skeith@mcps.org
  Kayla Sutherland  Counselor
  Deneise Altizer  Testing Coordinator  daltizer@mcps.org
   Deborah Martin  Admin. Asst.  deborahmartin@mcps.org
 Career & Tech.      
  Marilyn Galbraith  Culinary Arts  mgalbraith@mcps.org
  Margie Gilmer  Business & Info. Tech.
  Kim Smith  Agriculture/Lead
 Teacher/Dept. Head
  Ben Kratz  Building Trades
  Jamie Simmons  Business/Career &
 Tech. Info.
 Language Arts      
  Carolyn Hash
  Stacy Hollandsworth  Reading Specialist  sholland@mcps.org
  Ariel Hylton    ahylton@mcsp.org
  Shannon McClellan
 Spanish  smcclellan@mcps.org
  Jessica Nastasi    jessicanastasi@mcps.org
  Jerry Sauter  Dept. Head/Lead  Teacher  jsauter@mcps.org
 Fine Arts      
  Annelise Mayer
 Art  annelisemayer@mcps.org
  Davina Porter  Chorus  dporter@mcps.org
  Bob Priest  Band  bobpriest@mcps.org
  Geoff Rowland  Art, Dept. Head  growland@mcps.org
 Health & PE      
  Paul Dominy
  Sean Gaynor  Dept. Head  sgaynor@mcps.org
  Cam Akers
  Katie Cin  Dept. Head  katiecin@mcps.org
  Jill Marballie  Lead Teacher  jmarballie@mcps.org
  Judi O'Connor    judioconnor@mcps.org
  Kami Reece  Math Coach  kamireece@mcps.org
  Shane Scott    sscott@mcps.org
  Alison Goforth    alisongoforth@mcps.org
  Rebecca Jaronski    rebeccajaronski@mcps.org
  Beth Paterson     bethpaterson@mcps.org
  Terri Sheppard
 Lead Teacher/
 Dept. Head
 Social Studies      
  Paul Graham
  David Hurd  Lead Teacher/Dept.
   Jennifer Ray    jenniferray@mcps.org

  Anita Browning    abrownin@mcps.org
  John Cole  Consulting Teacher  jcole@mcps.org
  Ame Martin    amartin@mcps.org
  Scott Mikowicz    smikowicz@mcps.org
  Kathy Jo Bell  Virtual Ed. Lab  kjbell@mcps.org
  Sabrina Scaggs  ISS/CHOICES  sabrinascaggs@mcps.org
  Pam Fizer  Special Ed.  pfizer@mcps.org
  Lisa Glover  Special Ed.  lglover@mcps.org
  Melinda King  Special Ed.  mking@mcps.org
  Jenny Liu  Special Ed.  jliu@mcps.org
  Debra O'Dell  Special Ed.  dodell@mcps.org
  Janice Wildman  Special Ed.  janicewildman@mcps.org
  Ginger Cromer  Instructional Tech.
 Res. Teacher (ITRT)
  James Peoples  Computer Tech.  jamespeoples@mcps.org
Virtual Education      
  Elizabeth Nester Virtual Lab
  Eric Austin    
  Marlo Dean
  Helen Pauley    
  Beverly Wimmer  Manager  bwimmer@mcps.org
  Michael Davis    michaeldavis@mcps.org
  Dianna Easterling    diannaeasterling@mcps.org
  Jessie Hinkley  Head Custodian  jhinkley@mcps.org
  Norma Lester    
  Hanna Philpott    
  Frank Poth
 Building Sys. Operator  fpoth@mcps.org
  Charlie Shepherd    charlieshepherd@mcps.org
  Pam Taylor
 Other Faculty
  Samantha Cooper  Athletic Trainer
  Sue Dolph  School Nurse
  April Lester  Librarian  alester@mcps.org
  Holly Murden  Career Coach  hmurden@nr.edu
  Petra Gross
 School-Based Clinician  pdajevic@nrvcs.org
  Paige Walters
 SAPT Coordinator  pwalters@mcps.org
  Rhonda Bonet
 ESL  rbonet@mcps.org
  Jason West
 School Resource